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Deck Colors

Deck Colors

It goes without saying that decks will always see a great deal of use, especially when you have excellent weather. Not only do you have general wear and tear from the elements, but regular foot traffic will also start to add up over time. Because of this, you will need to make sure that your deck gets re-stained every couple of years so that it can maintain integrity. As a homeowner, you have a chance to look at different deck colors so that you can add something new to freshen up your outdoor living space. 

When it comes to something like picking out the right color for your deck, it can be a bit overwhelming when you see all of the choices you are faced with. Not only will there be the color options, but you also can pick from paint or stain to give you the right look and feel for the entire aesthetic.

What Is The Best Color To Stain A Deck?

As you start to ponder a color for your deck stain, you can take a look at the main color point in your backyard. By using your house as a guide point, you can work on narrowing down the right deck colors for the stain by choosing one of the many complementary colors that go with it on the color wheel. You will also want to think of the natural color of the deck wood as well as the age and the type of wood so that you can ensure the best results. 

How Do I Pick A Deck Color? 

There is a lot more to picking a finish for your deck than just selecting a color. You will need to think about how often the deck will be refinished because a stain with color will be a lot more difficult to remove. Colored stains can sometimes get dated a lot quicker than if you were to choose a color that is neutral. You can pull shades from the backyard, choose the trim color for your home, or even pick a color that blends in well with the new patio furniture that you bought. 

Should I Paint My Deck Or Stain It?

Painting a wooden deck can be an excellent choice, as there are several benefits that come with it. You can use just about any color and paint is known for helping to fill in gaps and cracks. Paint will sometimes be more protective of the wood as well, just because it can resist the sun, mold, and rot a lot easier than other options. It is essential that you weigh your choices carefully by consulting a professional.

When it comes to deck colors, you can get the guidance that you need by getting in touch with our team at Fine Paints of Europe. Not only are we paint experts but we can also give you the contact information for professional paint contractors in your local area that you can hire for your deck painting project. It is important to us that you can find the perfect color for your deck and we are ready and able to help you get the process started.

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Deck Colors
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Deck Colors
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