Interior Designer Sugar Land TX

Interior Designer Sugar Land TX

At Evolution by Design, we offer unsurpassable interior design in Sugar Land, TX, with a highly talented and creative team of artists, architects, and design technicians. We use the highest quality materials and unexcelled craftsmanship to create visionary art, furnishings, and accessories for your home. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best interior design for your home:

1. Modernist art

Modern abstract art, cubism, and fauvism never go out of style and add personality and freshness to any space. Hanging a large piece of abstract art on your wall can make your living room or dining area look opulent. As the #1 Sugarland, TX, interior designer, we avoid gallery wall arrangements, as they can make your room look cluttered and distasteful. 

2. Neutral walls and industrial elements 

Coloring the walls of your home in shades of white or grey or other neutral shades can make rooms look larger and cleaner. It can also brighten your rooms offering shades for a more inviting look and overall feel. Incorporating industrial elements in interior design is a popular trend, as it effortlessly provides a contemporary look to almost any space. Pairing a wooden table with metal chairs coated in black powder or opting for stainless steel kitchen counters are additional great ways to spruce up your home in an industrial style. If you need the best home design services in Sugarland, TX, we have you covered.

3. Line focused and open-plan layout

Nothing defines modern interior design like simple, clean lines. We try to echo the modernist architecture with strong horizontal and vertical lines of furniture and décor designs. Opting for a line-focused interior design can make your home look clean, luxurious, and reflect the revolutionary use of strong concrete.

If you are focused on modern interior design, an open-plan layout is a way to go. As one of the best interior decorators in Sugarland, TX, we recommend our clients to opt for an open living, dining, and kitchen area. This way, you can eliminate any unnecessary structures and enjoy a more natural and free airflow.

4. Primary colors and streamlined furniture

Modern interiors are full of bold colors like red, yellow, blue, black, white, etc. As a pioneer interior design company in Sugarland, TX, we add accessories like accent furniture, artwork, and rugs in bright primary colors to add more definition to your space. Besides, the mid-century modern style of interior design involves the use of furniture items with organic curvature, natural stone-based tables, french club chairs, wooden media console, etc. We recommend the use of furniture with plain fabrics to offer a more defined look to your room.

5. Large-sized windows

Large-sized windows are a great option as they allow more light into your house and naturally brightens your home. Also, they are a brilliant interior design element as they offer a fresh vibe to any room and enlargen the space visually.

Your search for the best ‘Interior designers for hire’ ends here. Call 281.568.3869 to speak to one of us at Evolution by Design or visit our website to schedule an online consultation. We offer world-class interior design in Sugar Land, TX, and help you make your dream home a reality within your budget. To discuss your interiors design needs, reach us today.

Interior Designer Sugar Land TX
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Interior Designer Sugar Land TX
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Interior Designer Sugar Land TX
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