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Meet Claris Kelley

Charis Kelley’s work is shaped by her inspirations and a passionate drive to pull back the layers of life.  The visual language with her work evokes emotions and an inquisitive experimental need to try everything. Research is a key part of the process along manipulation of different materials and found objects. Pushing thoughts and themes to the forefront while constantly discovering new ways to tell the complete story about empowerment, bonds and imagery that captures the imagination.


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Never stagnant always moving forward as a hardworking, fierce creative establishing the foundation. Kelley creates to establish a connection with the viewers in all the pieces that tell her story and drives her to continue creating. The goal is conversation that allows the viewer a moment of self-discovery and reflection into their own existence.

Painting has been a journey since 1993 during High school and color brought my world to life. The study of Architecture in college, taught me structure from idea, design, to fabrication. Faux finishing taught me technique and process. Mixed media has brought me complexity and authenticity. Thru contemporary subjects and unique a approach to concepts gives the opportunity for a genuine steady growth of identity of my work. As I grow as an artist I grow as a creative and as a person, connecting and speaking to those who are attracted to my work.

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